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Stress and Skin Disharmony.

Stress is no stranger to the modern human, it is also no friend when presenting in the chronic state that many have normalized. We are no longer relying on our stress response just to survive. It has become a new state of being for many, with any little trivial daily inconvenience kicking our hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis into full swing. Not to mention the uncertainty of our health and futures only emphasizing this in recent months. The brain loves precision, meaning it favors the pathways that it knows best, when you are in a state of chronic stress, intervention is needed to stop the brain from favoring the stress inducing pathways that lead to changes in the brains architecture and mental...
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Skin Barrier Healing from the Inside Out.

There is more and more discussion these days surrounding the skin barrier and the role that disruption of these complex tissues plays in inflammatory skin conditions. This connection between barrier and skin health at large has been recognized in literature for decades now. The thing we aren’t talking about enough is that just as we know it’s ideal to manage skin disharmony with both internal and external healing paradigms so does the story go for that of our skins outer protective layer. When it comes to skin barrier repair we want to optimize the availability of nutritional building blocks like lipids to form the lipid matrix of the skin’s outer layer and other components of strong structural barrier integrity. What...
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The Gut/Skin Axis.

Many of us have heard of the gut skin axis and are aware that if you are experiencing tell tale signs of digestive disturbances concurrent to a skin ailment there is likely a connection between the two. However the details of the actual link and how to proceed with dealing with the two entwined but separate health issues may be somewhat puzzling. I would like to demystify some common gut to skin connections, as to empower those with these concurrent issues to access preliminary treatment options and or further support where it’s needed. Low Stomach Acid and Digestive Insufficiency Digestion starts with stomach acid so it must be mentioned first, it is often not the whole picture of digestive disturbance...
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The Skin Detox.

Whatever skin imbalance you may be dealing, with be it inflamed irritated eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, premature aging or acne of any grading, there are only valuable improvements to be made by treating your body to a detoxification period. If the thought of detoxifying seems overwhelming or too hard know that even a 2-week supported health retreat for your insides can make a significant difference when tailored to your specific biological needs. If you have tried a cleanse in the past such a juice or shake program and not experienced the benefits you thought you should have for your effort, it’s likely the program wasn’t suitable for your unique internal processes and didn’t support your nutritional biochemical imbalances in the...
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Combating Dehydrated and Dry Skin Conditions.

Dehydrated, dry, flaky or irritated skin frequently arises or flares in winter  as well as spring due to the harsher climate, wind and allergy-aggravating flora. Our skin is our most exposed organ,  bearing contact with and influenced by our external environment.  When dry flaky or irritated skin arises, our body is notifying us that our skin baring  or lipid matrix isn’t performing, as it should. Many factors can render our  skin more sensitive to the environmental woes, such as our skins flora balance  or micro biome, lipid balance, immune functions and toxin exposure.   There are also many ways we can use nutrition and some handy tips  that serves as tools to restore skin radiance in these periods of drought.  
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Dealing with Post Pill Acne the Natural Way.

Post pill acne or acne occurring after cessation of the oral contraceptive pill(OCP) is an unfortunate and very unsettling occurrence that far too many womentoday are encountering. Whether the pill has caused difficult side effects youhave finally had enough of, you are looking to conceive or are just wanting to getback to your natural cycle, dreading the skin flare that could follow can reallylimit your choices when it comes to taking control of your own hormonal health.If you have experienced acne prior to staring the oral contraceptive or have dealtwith a new acne incidence when trying to withdraw I want you to be informedon your options. As there are natural solutions to enable you to get yourhormonal health back on...
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